Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack: Mastering the Low-to-High Cable Chop
Forget dainty bicep curls, there's a rotational powerhouse lurking in the gym waiting to be unleashed: the low-to-high cable chop. This exercise, performed with a low cable pulley, isn't just about swinging a weight around. It's a symphony of core engagement, anti-rotational strength, and explosive power that will leave your obliques singing and your everyday movements feeling smoother than ever.

The Chopping Choreography:

Set the Stage: Adjust the cable pulley to its lowest setting and grab a single handle attachment. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, core engaged, and spine neutral. Extend your arms straight down, holding the handle at hip height.
Embrace the Squat: Bend your knees into a half-squat, keeping your heels flat and chest lifted. This pre-tension your core and glutes for the explosive chop.
Channel Your Inner Lumberjack: With a controlled exhale, explosively rotate your torso and raise the handle diagonally across your body, finishing with your arms extended overhead and the handle near your opposite ear. Imagine chopping wood with gusto!
The Return Stroke: Slowly and with control, lower the handle back down to the starting position, resisting the cable's pull and maintaining core engagement throughout. Remember, the eccentric (lowering) phase is just as important as the concentric (raising) phase.
Rinse and Repeat: Complete 10-15 repetitions on each side, focusing on quality of movement over brute force. Rest, then switch sides and chop away!
Written by Andrew Decker

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